Brazilian Artist Combines "Santos de Roca"  (Dressing Saints) and the Traditions of Bahia

Brazilian Artist and Editor at Large of the, Paulo Lima, creates unique design looks for his vintage baroque-inspired figurines. Lima's figurines are vintage replicas of the traditional and antique "Santos," which used to be displayed in churchs and carried out in processions during religious cerimonies in Brazil and many other countries in Latin America and other parts of the world in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In Brazil, it was customary to dress these "Santos" with lavish mantles of embroidered fabrics. Presently doing research for his upcoming collection, Paulo is striving to bring to the American public more information on the Afro-Brazilian culture. "Paulo Lima's figurines are inspired in the uniqueness of the Baroque style embedded in Brazilian popular culture. It was a pleasure to have his beautiful works of art displayed at the Brazilian Consulate Gallery for a few months last year (2010). Paulo creates graceful pieces with distinct personalities and intrinsic beauty, which evoke a sense of wonder and contentment in any viewer," said Jose Alfredo Graca Lima, Consul General of Brazil in Los Angeles. Lima's past collections have drawn on a variety of influences, from Indigenous references to the traditions of "Baianas" and Orixas from Candomble. Our website is delighted to present a few images of Paulo Lima's collections Dreams, Revelations, and Reflections.
Revelations (Queen of Ifa)
Violet (27" tall)
Maria Rita (14" tall)
Sublime (31" tall)
Anahy (Flor do Ceu)
Marina (19" tall)
Ibeji (16" tall)
Maria Ferro (14" tall)
Nana (31" tall)
Orum (land of Spirits and Ancestors)
Anahy (Flor do Ceu)
The Palm Reader (19" tall)
Shea (27" tall)
Morena (21" tall)
Mila (27" tall)