Paulo  P. Lima, a Brazilian native , holds a Ph.D. in Theater and Performance Studies from the Department of Theater and Performance Studies at UCLA. His research focuses on the history of Candomble garments and their importance in shaping Afro-Brazilian identity, as well as their influence in contemporary fashion. In 2009, he received his MFA in Theater Arts/Costume Design from the California State University, Long Beach. Dr. Lima holds a BA in Geography from the University of Sao Paulo (USP), Brazil.

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Welcome to, a website dedicated to the Afro-Brazilian community in the United States, as well as to all interested in the Brazilian culture. Our idea is to share with you important facts about Brazil today and its history. Because we share similar background with the African American community, our efforts will be to bridge the gap between Brazil and the United States by presenting relevant information about the Afro-Brazilian culture and history. Our vision is focused on enriching Americans on the deep rooted influence and contributions of the African culture in Brazil.
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Paulo P. Lima 
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