Viver Brasil: Exploring Afro-Brazilian Heritage Through Dance

Viver Brasil.

Photo by Tim Agler

VIVER BRASIL, founded in 1997 by Linda Yudin and Luiz Badaró, is deeply rooted in the African heritage of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, and embodies the beautiful and mythic stories of Afro-Brazilian culture. A full music ensemble and vivid costuming highlight Viver Brasil’s onstage jubilance, echoing the Directors’ vision of honoring Brazil’s African legacy through bold contemporary dance theater. As a Los Angeles-based dance company, Viver Brasil reflects the vitality of its global home and the artistic excellence and diversity of its company members. Through rigorous research and continuous dialogue with living masters and virtuoso musicians and choreographers in Bahia, Viver Brasil has garnered a reputation as the premier West Coast Brazilian dance organization.

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