Tip #4 Weather in Brazil

Like any area, weather in Brazil varies from place to place. June marks the beginning of winter in Brazil, but certain regions, mainly the hilly areas of the southeast, the center-west, and part of the south, are usually in a time of dry and sunny weather. On the northeastern coast, it is rainier than in the summer months. In southern and southeastern Brazil, temperatures might drop below the 30s, especially at night. As for World Cup host cities, the weather may be as follows:  in Rio de Jainero, it is the dry season; the average high is 77 F. In Bahia, Salvador it is a wet season, it can rain for days, but the good news is that temperatures never fall below 68 F. In Sao Paulo, the weather is a little crazy; one minute it can feel like summer with temperatures reaching to 68 F and the next minute it can drop to 41 F feeling like winter.  In Brasilia, weather is a little tricky, it can get very hot during the day, but chilly at night, temperatures can drop to 59 F. Make sure to pack accordingly, depending on where you stay.


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