Tip # 1 Portuguese Key Words

Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. Outside of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, not many Brazilians speak English. 

With that in mind, it will be helpful to come prepared with a few keywords that might help you get around Brazil. 

Então? Tudo bem? [eng-ta-ong? too-doo bah-ing?] 

Which means: "So, how are you?" or "So, what's up"

Bom dia [bong-deer] 

Which means: "Good morning."

Boa tarde [boah-tard]
Which means : "Good afternoon."

Boa noite [boah-no-ee-te] 

Which means: "Good evening" or "Good night."

Obrigado/ Obrigada [oobree-gado] or [oobree-gadah]
Men say "obridgado" and women say "obrigada" to say "thank you."

Desculpe! Fala inglês? [des-cool-peh! fah-la een-glaysh?]

Which means "Excuse me do you speak English?"

Não falo muito português! [nah fahloo moo-too poor-too-gaysh] 
Which means "I only speak a little Portuguese."

To learn more, check out this YouTube video.

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