Corporate America Sailing For Global Social Impact: Carnival Corporation Launches fathom

On June 4, Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest travel and leisure company, launched a new brand called fathom™.  Focused on offering consumers a meaningful travel experience, fathom™ is defining a new travel category called “social impact travel”, which offers consumers with ways to connect and work alongside the communities they visit.

The company’s first destination will be the Dominican Republic, a country known for its spectacular beauty and with great needs for sustainable development.

Beginning in April 2016, fathom will embark on seven-day voyages from PortMiami aboard the MV Adonia, a 710-passenger vessel redeployed from Carnival Corporation's P&O Cruises (UK) for the start-up of the new operation. Depending on their passions, interests and skills, travelers will have the opportunity to choose from a range of social impact activities and experiences both onboard and onshore.

“We believe travel is a meaningful way to allow for personal growth while making purposeful and engaging contributions to the world,” said Arnold Donald, CEO of Carnival Corporation. “fathom™ will give travelers a unique opportunity to work alongside local people as part of a larger scale effort that will demonstrably improve lives. Both our travelers and the local citizens will learn and benefit from the opportunity to serve together.”

Tara Russell, serving as President of fathom and as Global Impact Lead for Carnival Corporation, assured that “fathom was created to meet the real hunger in the world for purpose, while at the same time tackling profound social issues through a sustainable business model.” She also emphasized that “because fathom will bring hundreds of travelers to a destination on a regular basis, they will know they played an important role in ensuring the region flourishes.”

Most of fathom travelers are expected to be between 20 and 60 years old who are eager to discover their individual gifts, and unleash their personal passions and talents to improve the world. 

The new brand selected the Puerto Plata region of the Dominican Republic as its first impact destination based on a number of factors: genuine needs, infrastructure to support social initiatives, and enthusiasm for the fathom concept by locals at all layers of society. fathom will work closely with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to connect travelers with significant and sustainable activities.

This new initiative will focus on education, environment and economic development:


  • Educational: Work side by side with Dominican school teachers in classrooms to teach English skills and help boost students’ academic performance; and participate in adult-learning programs to teach small groups of community members conversational English to help improve their ability to qualify for jobs that provide higher level of income.

  • Environmental: Provide hands-on support to craft and build water filters—using clay, a natural resource found locally—and deliver those filters to families throughout the community to provide healthy drinking water. With limited piped water supply, this will make a meaningful difference in the quality of people’s lives throughout the region.

  • Economic Development: Help cultivate cacao plants and organic fertilizers at a nursery and assist a local women’s cooperative in producing artisan chocolates. This activity is designed to produce high-quality plants to increase farmers’ yields through sustainable practices and—importantly—create income opportunities for rural women. Over time, this activity will allow the cooperative to increase their workforce so the cooperative can achieve economic independence.


When not participating in social activities, travelers will enjoy exploring the beauty of the region, experiencing the many Dominican beaches and sites of interest, or participating in any one of an array of different recreational activities available to the entire family of Carnival Corporation brands visiting Amber Cove and the Puerto Plata region.

This is a great opportunity for travelers who may have not been on a cruise and for those who have had the experience and wish to give back in a meaningful way.

Travelers may reserve a spot on future fathom sailings by calling any travel agent or visiting or by calling 1-855-9fathom. Prices for the seven-day trip to the Dominican Republic start at $1,540 per person. There will be four pricing levels, based on cabin configuration and location. 

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